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مكتب المستقبل للاستشارات الهندسية

المهندسة منى امان الله كمالي


There are a variety of means of obtaining offers from suppliers/contractors such as requests for pricing/quotation, RFP’s / RFQ enquiries…etc, many of which can be confused to mean the same process. We believe that obtaining an offer from a supplier can be seen as a continuum with the degree of complexity as the axis, with enquiries at one end as tendering at the other.

Cost Feasibility Analysis

Our cost plan services based on cost estimate and benefit analysis with a considerable market level price wise, to provide accurate “custom – made”, “made to order” cost management plan for design services reasons, meanwhile our engineering team, implementing a feasible review which provide clients with a secure and openness strategy to tailor an applicable, understandable and truth based decisions for the entirety of the project.

Rivalry Tendering

As we are interfacing with major national and international customers to propose a tender package for projects by covering all engineering disciplines with a transparent methodology to innovative techniques in tendering negotiation due to our vital responsibility to the clients, we tackle the utmost importance

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