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Architect Muna Amanallah Kamali

مكتب المستقبل للاستشارات الهندسية

المهندسة منى امان الله كمالي

Interior Design

The overall interaction relationship designed by the engineer to donate the relevant space a distinctive executive characteristic to upgrade the aesthetic design as to comply and match with the nature of the space positively performance wise.

Our interior design could be attributed to the specialized divisions that work in cohesion to provide total interior solutions of the following:

1. Office interiors design, to meet business objectives and work environment
2. Furniture design, the need for contemporary office makers
3. Retail fit out, showrooms out fittings with customers
4. Flooring, storage & materials

We achieve a perfect product both to its structural quality and its beautiful look; all depends on skilled engineers, considering the selection and classification of the products.

Clients don’t want to hear only talks about the designers old projects, they are interested in their own design, so providing a trusted wide range quality of products and services ensures satisfaction at all points of customer interaction.

Our fields of interest are:

1. Residential and commercial buildings
2. Residential and commercial Villas

We believe in the philosophy that an organization is only as good as the people it employs. It’s no surprise that most companies turn to us to meet their recruitment needs. The one significant feature that keeps us in step with our client is our commitment to work along with our clients staff, with a technical, skilled manpower and maintaining a high standard of innovative solutions for high quality service.

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