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مكتب المستقبل للاستشارات الهندسية

المهندسة منى امان الله كمالي

Contract Documents

Almostaqbal Consulting Engineering based and construct a structural foundation for effective and successful contract / project document that rely upon careful comprehensive and through implementation of the contractual process and activities which focused on the reason, why the contract is being established, and whether the supplier / contractor will be able to deliver the services in a technical repetition & terms, with careful consideration to be given on how the contract will work once it has been awarded, as per the relevant code of practice.

The activities can be staged as follows:
1. Preparing the contract case and securing management approval.
2. Assembling the project team.
3. Developing contract strategy.
4. Risk Management.
5. Developing contract exit strategy.
6. Developing a contract management plan.
7. Drafting specifications and requirements.
8. Establishing the form of contract.
9. Establishing the pre-qualification, qualification and tendering procedures.
10. Appraising contractors / suppliers.
11. Drafting the contract document.
12. Evaluating tenders.
13. Negotiation.
14. Awarding the contract.

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