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Architect Muna Amanallah Kamali

مكتب المستقبل للاستشارات الهندسية

المهندسة منى امان الله كمالي

About Us

A full service Architectural Design Consultancy firm based in Dubai, UAE providing unique and highly functional, creative planning and design services. Al Mostaqbal Consultants Engineer founder Architect Muna Kamali has over 25 years of multi-faceted design experience. With a recent 1990 operating throughout the UAE and Middle East regions.Al Mostaqbal Con Eng Architects offers informed and inspired designs for all project types.

Early on we interpret your architectural needs and desires and formulate the Project Programming, leading to a well-conceived, strategic design approach from Concept Discovery on through to final Construction Documents. Through our professional, local design team and consultants, we provide experienced guidance and informed advice on all aspects of your new project planning, covering all stages of the development process. You will see your project come to life through rich, realistic graphics, detailed cad plans and digital animations, and be continuously able to evaluate the aesthetics and functionality as well as cost and other design factors and be fully informed of the project scope and evolution. Key to communicating a good design idea is comprehensive and accurate Construction Documents. We process and document-control all required permit, project tender, contract negotiation and construction management services as needed.

In close association with our experienced Professional Consultants, we consistently deliver well-conceived and properly developed building designs for your next important project. We offer fully integrated design encompassing Feasibility Consulting, Master Planning, Architectural and Interior Design, Landscape, Structural, Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing, Facade and Vertical Lift Engineering, Graphic Design and all other services as required for a complete project development effort.

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